Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I feel my temperature rising

Summer has arrived! So far I'm going to have to say this has been the busiest and most fun so far. I have been out of school for two weeks and three days and I have already succeeded in doing the following things:
1. I went to Six Flags twice in two days.
2. Attended a 50th birthday bash for my mom.
3. Had the flu.
4. Hung out with a pretty cool guy more times in the last month than I ever have before.
5. Began working at the Solano County Fair.
6. Got my license.
7. Been shopping so many times I don't have enough room for my clothes.

So far, the summer of 2009 has been fantastic, and its not even 1/2 over yet! This upcoming friday I am flying down to San Diego to meet up with my parents and go to Disneyland. It'll be a cute family vacation, minus my sister. I'm also excited because my friend from school is supposed to be there at the same time, so I'll be able to hang out and go on rides with her.
I'll get home July 1st, and then just four days later on June 5th I'll be leaving for 4H Camp to be a Junior Counselor. I don't know any of the people who I'll be a councelor with, so please pray that I'll make friends on the four hour long bus trip up.
Thats all for now! I'll continue to keep you updated on my many adventures to come.

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